9 April 2009

AMS CCS telcon Thursday, April 9, 2009, 11:00 AM EDT

In attendance:  Ed O'Lenic, Paul Llanso, Bob Cohen, Ken Hubbard, Ryan Boyles


Ed:  I propose that we set up a Climate Services Directory on the AMS

website.  I have made initial overtures to AMS about this (Corinne



Ed:  We had quite a variety of ideas about what we might do in the way

of a webinar.  We need to boil those down to a single proposal.  Chances

are it will be difficult to garner as much interest as we had for last

year's webinar on the NCS, since that has pretty much been settled - it

will emphasize climate change.


Ryan:  AASC is doing this.  www.stateclimate.org/productsurvey

ED:  Maybe we can collaborate

Ryan:  We certainly could.

Ken:  See the AASC web site.

Paul:  Does that mean we can't talk about climate change?

Ed:  No

Ken:  we need to take climate risk management into account.

Bob:  We should do something about risk management.  This might help

folks focus their responses to the NCS. 

Ed:  How do we sell the webinar.

Paul:  We should give a concrete example.  The western water example

Chuck Hakkarinen.

Ed:  A concrete example is a good idea.

Ryan: Agreed

Paul:  Chuck was talking about water resources management in Colorado,

impacts of climate change.

Ryan:  Did they modify planning for inflow rates, etc...need a

successful example.

Ed:  I have talked with folks in the west about this. 

Ryan:  WWA might be a good source.

ED:  How do we translate this into a webinar.

Paul:  Is there another example. 

Ryan:  On the ag side, sea level rise.  In NC there is a major

assessment of risk associated with sea level rise.  Probabilities are

being avoided.

Ed:  U. Wash might be a good source.

Paul:  West probably uses input from the Ag sector.

Ryan:  We could host a webinar to try to collect issues.  A single

concrete example is best.  Colorado River issues are interesting. NIDIS.

Paul:  ACTION:  Talk to Eileen

ED:  ACTION:  Talk to CDWR, Nevada, Kelly Redmond.

Ryan:  ACTION:  I will talk with Carbone of SECC, would be good ag side

presenter.  I will talk with them. 

Ryan:  There are many examples from U. Fl., FSU.

Ken:  There is an example of irrigation in Neb. about costs and

benefits.  We have plenty of examples of how we do decision-making now.

Ryan:  Might a private sector person come to speak?  We have done a lot

of support to private sector companies.

Ed:  The Coastal Services Center - I will talk with Margaret Davidson.

Ed:  ACTION:  We have been talking about this webinar for some time and

have not yet been able to come up with something we can agree to do.

Maybe I am expecting too much.  Maybe we need to use the webinar as an

opportunity to hear from a variety of risk assessor/decision makers and

then listen to the audience's questions and comments.

Ryan:  We can come back and discuss a more focused webinar in a couple

of weeks.


Ed:  OK.  We are out of time.  Lets communicate our inquiry results via

email and get together again in two weeks.  Those who contact potential

speakers need to be sure to convey that what we would want is a

boiled-down but technically correct explanation of how they assess risk

and reward (the $ value of failure or success), and how they use that

information to make decisions.  If we get a single, great speaker,

that's great.  If not, we can convene a panel of speakers.  The title of

the webinar might be:  "Examples of Using Climate Information in

Assessing Risk/Reward and Decision-Making".