The Commission on the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise (CWWCE) is charged with developing and implementing programs that address the needs and concerns of all sectors of the weather, water and climate enterprise; promote a sense of community between government entities, private sector organizations; and universities; foster synergistic linkages between and among sectors; entrain and educate user communities on the value of weather and climate information; educate policy makers on the value and operations of the enterprise; and provide appropriate venues and opportunities for communications that foster frank, open and balanced discussions on points of contention and concern.  In other words, the “prime directive” of the CWWCE is to engage the government, academic, and private sectors on pressing and strategic issues on behalf of the Society.  These interactions may extend to involve other AMS Commissions, the user community, and disciplines beyond that may request assistance with enterprise communication, growth and development matters.  A core value of the CWWCE is to encourage early career, diverse, and student participants in Commission activities including, as appropriate, leadership positions.  The CWWCE also recommends annual recipients for the Kenneth C. Spengler Award.

The CWWCE organization is composed of four Boards and is governed by the Commission Executive Committee chaired by the Commissioner with advice and counsel from the CWWCE Steering Committee.  Status reports on Commission activities are provided twice a year.

NEW RELEASE: The AMS Glossary has accepted the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise as a term.



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