4 April 2008

AMS CCS telcon Friday, April 04, 2008

Attendees:  Holly Hartmann, Ken Hubbard, Ed O'Lenic, Kelly Redmond,

Bob Cohen, Paul Llanso

Ed spoke with Dave Easterling, Chair of the AMS Committee on Climate

Variability and Change (CVC).  He and Ed propose to have a session at

the AMS 2009 Annual Meeting on Climate Services.  Ed is co-chairing

the 21st Meeting on CVC with Dave and Phil Mote to facilitate this.

Paul Llanso - I am willing to assist during the webinar with keeping

track of questions and other data.

Holly - A practice webinar is a good idea.

Ed - I May need to update the Webinar announcement to change the time

of the May 22 practice session to 2:00 PM.

Kelly - Need to replace Kelly for the Summer Meeting, he has a


Ed - The AMS webex web site at: http://ametsoc.webex.com

Committee members should probably sign up for an account and get a

username and password.

Ed - I will set up another test meeting for Friday, April 18, at 2:00