2010 Annual Report

AMS Committee on Climate Services Annual Report for 2010, Ed O’Lenic, Chair

1.  Membership - The Committee consists of the following members:

Ryan Boyles, Bob Cohen, John Dutton, Chuck Hakkarinen, Holly Hartmann, Ken Hubbard, Paul Llanso, Ed O’Lenic (Chair), Kelly Redmond, Eileen Shea, Caitlin Simpson. 

2.  The committee met via telephone conference call 6 times from January to November, 2010.  There was also much off-line discussion among individual members of the committee and Ed

3.  Webinars.  CCS is the only AMS committee using Webex in this manner.
CCS Webinar: Decision Support Services – What is it, who should do what, and is it the future of Climate and Weather services?  is scheduled for 1:00 PM Friday, December 10, 2010.
4.  Activities of Ed O’Lenic (Chair):
1) Attended both the spring and summer AMS meetings. 
2) Presented a  paper on the unique problems posed by long-range forecasting on the use of dynamical models at the summer meeting. 
3) Placed the notes from all of the CCS committee telephone conference calls on the AMS Web page
4) I have placed the posters from our webinars on the AMS web site
These last two items address the issues of continuity and legacy.
5)  Here is the list of members and rotation schedule:

Ryan Boyles, 2011
Bob Cohen, 2011
John Dutton, 2014
Chuck Hakkarinen, 2011
Holly C. Hartmann, 2014
Ken Hubbard, 2014
Caitlin Simpson, 2010
Eileen Shea, 2010
Paul Llanso, 2013
Edward O’Lenic, 2014
Kelly Redmond, 2014

Replacements for Simpson and Shea are being sought.  O’Lenic will move from Chair to Member, starting in 2011, pending the election of a new Chair.