12 January 2009

AMS CCS Meeting January 12, 2009, AMS Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ


Here are my sketchy notes from the CCS meeting at the Annual Meeting.  Fortunately, Eileen was also there.

AMS CCS meeting January 12, 2009, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona
In attendance:  Bob Cohen, Eileen Shea, Kelly Redmond, Matt Parker, Tom Karl, Holly Hartmann, Ed O'Lenic, Gary Rasmussen

Matt:  Webinars with water managers have been effective.
Eileen:  Demand for these kinds of things is huge.
Kelly:  Climate Change is leaking into society.
Bob:  Our community needs to do a better job of explaining its science and products for users and the public.  Somehow, the weather that is likely to be associated with climate anomalies and changes needs to be specified.
Tom:  Seamless suites imply ALL time scales, not artificial cutoffs for weather versus climate.
Holly:  Seamless suites imply a CONSISTENT MESSAGE to users.
Bob:  Is the notion of a Certified Consulting Climatologist a useful one?  Many broadcast meteorologists are among the community of global warming skeptics, for whatever reasons.  Maybe local chapters need to work with these folks.
Holly:  We need to get beyond users telling stories.  There needs to be an on-going project to formulate and tell our story.  Sister groups to the AMS, such as CWSA, need to be involved.
Tom:  Short courses can be effective.
Eileen:  CCS should be involved in beta testing of the Climate Portal.  The drought portal is less complex...
Tom:  There is  a lot of portal-type activity right now.  Should there be an Uber-Portal?
Holly:  There needs to be an information portfolio manager.
Tom:  NOAA may be able to benefit from this.
Kelly:  What should CCS be doing with regard to the National Climate Service?
Tom:  Now we need to communicate better with users.  This community could use our infrastructure better to be inclusive.