22 May 2009

AMS CCS Telcon, Friday, May 22, 2009, 11:00 AM EDT


Attendees:  Ed, Chuck, Veronica, Ryan, Kelly, Holly, Bob, Caitlin,

Ed:  Informational webinars OK?

Holly:  Theme needed.  Like, sectors, university, private.

Caitlin:  Regional themes, with sectors.  Assess what is happening

CS.  Need themes.  What do we know least about?

Kelly:  Some areas get lots of attention.  Under-served areas

might be good.

Ed:  Small private sector side is probably under-served.

Bob:  These are niche businesses, with proprietary issues.

Holly:  This is an interesting group to focus on.  How do you

serve them.  They might benefit by sharing.

Ryan:  We might send out something to CCMs asking for participation.

Kelly:  We should ask them how the community can serve them.

Bob:  How can the community better-serve the small business CS providers?

Ryan:  Maybe start-off with a bigger, easier topic.

Kelly:  Lets go for easier topics.  One audience is CCMs.  Small

businesses are hard to reach.  There is no email list for these folks.

Bob:  One way to reach them is to decide which sector you want to

reach and go through the CCMs to reach them.

Chuck:  I like choosing a group thats doing something for the first

webinar.  CCMs are a good group to start with.  Need a focusing

topic, region to use.

Ed:  How do we engage the CCM's? 

Bob:  The Listserve

Ryan:  Talk with the CCM board to make contact.

Ed:  We need a focus.

Kelly:  General approach OK.  Start with what the community can do

to make the work of CCMs easier in delivering climate services.

CCMs can tell us how to interact with small businesses.

Chuck:  Some CCMs might be willing to talk ahead of time to be

prepared to speak.

Ed:  Title?

Chuck:  Climate Information Needs of the CCM Community to serve clients

in the water sector.

Ryan:  Climate Services for CCMs.  Lets talk with the board.

Bob:  CCM forum in Phoenix had some water presentations.

Kelly:  Title that reflects that this will continue.  Connected set of


Even on the CCMs issue, its good to succeed.  CCMs deal with lots of other

topics.  There is no problem with having several CCM webinars.  You want

discovery where there is hope of discovering useful things.

Holly:  Every 3 months OK.

Kelly:  It would be nice if the initial announcement laid out the titles,

and have all of those listed in each email that comes out.  Want to go

beyond AMS.


CHuck:  Another topic, Heat waves, high dew point.  Have this in OCT

Holly:  That could also address agriculture

Chuck:  Hurricanes and tropical storms in December.

Chuck:  Then a town hall affair

Kelly:  Extreme events - short-duration extreme events, stationarity

issue, 10-year 5-minute precipitation.  Are these changing?  How do we

account for climate change?

Ryan:  Wind energy

Kelly:  This gets back to wind measuring issues.

Ryan:  Chesapeake, Mass - near-shore wind.  Turbines being deployed.

What about the marine

internal boundary layer

Kelly:  Related communities need to get things from us.

Chuck:  How will the wind statistics change in the future?  Lots of

communities will need this info.

Kelly:  Renewables in general.  Wind, solar both have strong climate

components.  There is lots of growth in CCM world in this topic.

Veronica:  Kelly, Bob.

Bob:  Town hall.

Chuck:  I have been involved in things like this.  Lunch hour meeting

was useful.  Another was held at the end of the meeting day, with a

snack.  I would be willing to assist with that.

Veronica:  Good job.

Kelly:  Environmental consultants are another group.

Chuck:  Will State Climatologists be more influential. 

Kelly:  CCMs go to SCs, RCCs, AASC listserve is good.  Invite these guys.

Chuck:  A paper after the webinars would be useful to BAMS.  Also need

to think about maybe using EOS and other outlets.  Could these be a

model for the international community?

Holly:  Trade pubs outside of the AMS might be useful

Kelly:  EOS has space available in paragraphs.


ED:  Next meeting June 5, 11:00 AM.