29 March 2010

Notes:  CCS Meeting, Monday, March 29, 2010

Attendees:  J. Dutton, C. Hakkarinen, H. Hartmann, E. O'Lenic


JAD - it would be nice to have ccs bios on a web page for us to refer to.

CH - Will presentations be made-public?

Ed - None of the forums is recorded.  However, I will try to get the ppt

presentations made public. 

HH, JAD, CH - Those outside our community should be encouraged to appear

through non-payment of registration fees.

JAD - CPC will be increasingly tied to EMC and is in a good position to

build its future, based on EMC modeling support.

CH - I agree with John.  Everybody can't be in the NCS.

JAD - I have been working with Fiona to extend the reanalysis back to

the 1940s.  EMC agrees that's a good idea.

CH - My dad developed "the grasshopper" a parachute-dropped weather

station that would be deployed behind enemy lines during WWII, and

automatically capture and broadcast observations.

HH - Webinars for transportation and agriculture, energy should be pursued.

JAD - NATO management of climate risk "management of weather and climate

risk in the energy industry" Alberto Troccoli.  This might be a good

start for the energy webinar.

HH - I will think about what we might do for agriculture .

CH - The railroad industry and the Mississippi, Ohio barge industry

contacts might be good to involve.  RR industry is particularly

vulnerable, so is the barge industry.

HH - Ports are another topic.

CH - Opening up of the arctic, and all of its implications is another

possible topic.

JAD - high-value crops - Busalacchi lecture on wine grapes is one

example.  Operators are starting to buy land to the north.  Citrus

industry, too.

CH - NSF, NOAA, USDA are starting a research program on climate change

emphasizing ag impacts.

HH - Agriculture is starting to entrain climate change.  It would be

good to hear from them.  USFS, too.

JAD - Beetles impact in the West has been huge.

EO - My family and I witnessed huge swathes of dead lodge pole pines in

northern Colorado in 2009 - easily half of all the trees were dead,

probably more.

HH - Increased fire risk is one thing, they are mosaic, hit-and-miss, in

coverage, whereas beetles take ALL the trees.  This has an even bigger

impact on the ecosystem than fire.

JAD - Fishing may be another item for a webinar.  NOAA has marine

fisheries responsibilities. 

HH - Annual agriculture versus long-term.

CH - Food supplies is another topic.

JAD - arctic - transport, food, resources.

EO - these all relate to one another in many ways.  It might be useful

to consider that when we organize them.

JAD - Transportation research board of the NAS might be a good group to

contact.  We should use professional organizations to reach

participants.  Association of American RR, for example.

HH - We need also to focus on local chapters.

EO - BEC has asked us to put together a session at the August summer

meeting in State College.

CH - NOAA regional climate services directors might be good speakers.

HH - USDA, DOI might be good to bring in.  Climate change centers from

USGS.  Landscape conservation centers.

EO - I will schedule another meeting about a month from now.  I will put

together a draft of some webinar ideas before then and solicit input and

assistance from the committee.


End of meeting.