17 July 2009

Notes from AMS CCS telcon, Friday July 17, 2009, 1:00 PM EDT.

Attending:  Ed O'Lenic, Peter Robinson, Ryan Boyles, Bob Cohen,

Ken Hubbard.


NOTE:  These are my own notes.  Please feel free to augment them

with corrections and annotations as you deem necessary, and share

them with the group. - Ed





Webinar speakers, time, dates.


Ryan:  SC meeting presentations by CPC great.  Need to improve

use of the products.  I would like to work with CPC on this.

IRI is trying to use LRF in streamflow forecasts.


Ed:  We got a pretty good response.


Peter:  This is a great


Bob:  There are private sector concerns about NCS, and competition

between government and private sector.  The webinar doesn't mention that.


Ed:  Although we have focused on water resources, there is no reason

whatsoever that topic cannot be brought up and discussed.  Quite the

contrary.  How about if we have Steve Root speak from the private sector

side on the topic of data to the water sector?


Bob:  OK


Peter:  CCMs are a representative group, self-selected.  CCM

community and others want to make sure they understand and

have a stake in the outcome of an NCS, for example.  They want

to know what is going on.


Ryan:  We might get someone from the state hydro services to be on the



Ed:  Jeanine Jones of the California Department of water resources would

be ideal.  I will recruit her.


Peter:  I will follow-up with Henz.


Bob:  I will talk with Steve Root.


Ed:  4 speakers.  Nominal length an hour.  Its OK if we spend longer, if

there is interest.


Ryan:  Ask CA person what groups we should try to send notices to to

solicit their attendance.


Ed:  Friday, 7 August for next CCS meeting.  I will think hard about the

town hall meeting, which we discussed taking the discussion with the

CCMs to a level beyond the webinar.