30 August 2010

AMS CCS Telecon meeting notes:  August 30, 2010

In attendance:  Ed O’Lenic, Ryan Boyles, Ken Hubbard, Bob Cohen, Paul Llanso,

Kelly Redmond


> Ed:  Contacted Phil Pasteris, who expressed a positive interest. 

> Ed summarized John Dutton's presentation at the AMS Summer Community

> Meeting.


> Kelly:  National versus local is one way to divide things up.

> NWS has both a national down to local role.

> Its OK to engage in decision support to learn how its done, but not

> necessarily to do it.  RISAs do this and help others do it better.

> RISAs don't do operations.  Dutton's arrows tend to point in one

> direction.  I think maybe the arrows need to point both ways.


> Ed:  Things often work out differently between theory and practice.


> Ryan:  I liked John's attempt to divide-up roles. 


> Ed: I think everyone agrees that the government certainly does large

> models and data observations well, but should not do work for

> individualclients.  The roles are often not clear.  The Fair

> Weather report, along

> the the AMS's creation of the Board on Enterprise Communication, have

> done much to improve the situation between the sectors.


> Kelly:  Its a bit more complicated than that.  You have to know how

> decision support works before you can make progress.  RISAs do

> this.  On

> the other hand government is often also a client.


> Paul: 


> Bob:  We need to discuss the Annual Meeting, possibly at the next CCS

> meeting.


Ed:  I also want to discuss how we should select and approve new members

and a new Chair.


Kelly:  I think it would be helpful to do a slightly formal process,

where we put up a roster of potential members and ask the committee to

vote on them.  Same for the Chair.  The Chair should be elected from

within the committee.


> Ken:  People often call us asking for decision support assistance.

> We often find that we are having to build products based on limited

> input from the stakeholders.  We need better input.  Universities all

> have programs to do this.  Stakeholders and people who need services

> need to get together and exchange eachother's knowledge.


> Bob:  Private sector finds it hard to exchange information with other

> firms they compete with. 


> Paul:  Is the private sector wary of participating in a webinar

> becauseof this?


> Bob:  I would say so.


> Bob:  One way around this is to approach potential clients.


> Kelly:  We might usefully focus on the generic aspects of decision

> support.

> Paul:  AMS wants us to expand dialog among members of the weather and

> climate enterprise.  Maybe we should engage the AMS local chapters.


> Ed:  I will work on the member selection process email, and will

> likely schedule another meeting for two Mondays from now.