7 August 2009

AMS CCS telcon August 7, 2009
Attendees:  E. OLenic, Holly Hartmann, Ryan Boyles, Ken Hubbard

Ed:  Lets discuss who to invite to the webinar.
Holly:  Need registration
Ken:  Need something to motivate registration.
Holly:  A link right to registration is good to have.  Webinar will be accessible afterwards.  Is there a collection of webinars over time? Ed:  I will make sure I talk with AMS about all of this.
Ed:  This will give us a chance to sample the true membership of the AMS community.
Holly:  This webinar will bring in folks who can't often go to annual meetings.
Ed:  What about the town hall?
Holly:  What would distinguish our town hall from others?  What about water?
Ryan:  We might focus on what services will be available?  What about having Lubchenko talk about the issues related to the NSC.  This would make for a nice Q and A.
Holly and Ed:  CCS can beat the bushes from our side to shore-up attendance at the webinar.
Ed:  Lets meet September 18, 2009 at 1:00 PM.  I will try to give everyone a day's advance reminder about the meeting.