Steps to Publication

AMS Publications strives to provide transparent and accessible instructions on the process of publishing research in our journals. Authors are encouraged to carefully read the overview below prior to submitting their manuscript for consideration.

Returning author? If you are certain you have already formatted your submission correctly, please go directly to Submit Manuscript.

BAMS author? Those interested in submitting to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) must first submit a proposal. See Article Proposal.

Prepare Your Manuscript

  1. Choose a journal and submission type.
  2. Format your manuscript according to the Formatting and Manuscript Components guidelines. AMS is now encouraging the incorporation of significance statements in submissions to our journals (except for BAMS). Please consider adding this optional element with your submission. 
  3. Determine Your Author List.
  4. Collect funding information for all authors. This will be required as part of the submission process.
  5. Review Page Charges, Waivers, and Fees and prepare the appropriate cost estimation worksheet*:

*Cost estimation worksheets are not required for Comments, Replies, or manuscripts submitted to Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems, Earth Interactions, or Weather, Climate, and Society.

Submit Your Manuscript

For more information on submitting your manuscript to an AMS journal, see Initial Submission Requirements or Resubmission Requirements, as appropriate.

  1. Read the Author Disclosure and Obligations.
  2. Upload your files, using the correct item types, to the journal's Editorial Manager.
  3. Review and approve the system-built PDF of your submission.
  4. Ensure that all coauthors have received and completed the coauthorship verification email.
  5. AMS production staff will perform a technical check of your submission and may request corrections if the submission requirements are not met. Once the technical check is complete, your manuscript will undergo a Crossref Similarity Check and a notification will be sent to the journal's Chief Editor.

Peer Review

For detailed information on the peer-review process for AMS journals, see Peer Review Information.

  1. The Chief Editor assesses each new submission. Manuscripts that meet AMS criteria are assigned to a handling Editor.
  2. The handling Editor invites potential reviewers.
  3. When the handling Editor reaches a decision (Accept, Revise, Reject, Transfer), the corresponding author is emailed a decision letter.
    • For a Revise decision, authors should edit their existing submission according to the Revision Requirements. If the corresponding author submits a revision, AMS production staff performs a technical check to ensure that it meets requirements and may request a correction if needed. It is then assigned back to the handling Editor.
  4. During peer review and production, the corresponding author may log in to Editorial Manager and view the current status of their submission.


For more information on the production process for AMS journals, see Production Information and Author Responsibilities during Production.

  1. After a manuscript is accepted for publication, the corresponding author must submit a copyright form and the appropriate publication charge form*:
  2. Once the copyright form has been submitted, the manuscript is posted for Early Online Release on AMS Journals Online.
  3. A copy edit and technical edit of the manuscript are completed.
  4. A PDF proof of the typeset manuscript is generated and assigned to the corresponding author for review.
  5. Once the annotated proof is returned, the copy editors and technical editors will incorporate appropriate changes indicated by the author and make final corrections if needed.
  6. The final version of the article is published on AMS Journals Online in the current issue, and a notification email is sent to the corresponding author. The article will also appear in print when the issue is complete. For articles submitted to BAMS, a condensed adaptation of the article will be published in an issue subsequent to the online issue.
  7. Promote and share your published work!

*Charge forms are not required for Comments, Replies, or manuscripts submitted to Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems, Earth Interactions, or Weather, Climate, and Society.