Resubmission Requirements

Attention! These requirements are for authors resubmitting work that has previously been rejected or withdrawn from an AMS publication. Authors looking to submit a revised manuscript following a Major or Minor Revision decision should consult Revision Requirements.

Requirements Specific to Resubmissions

  1. Declare as Resubmission: When prompted during the submission process, declare the submission as a resubmission and provide the previous journal name, manuscript number, title, and handling editor. This information can be found in your previous decision letter and will ensure that your submission is handled correctly and promptly.
  2. Respond to Previous Peer Review Comments
    • Prepare and upload a Response to Reviewers file with detailed responses to the reviewer comments from the previously rejected or withdrawn submission.
    • If your previous submission only received comments from the Editor, then upload a Cover Letter indicating how each comment has been addressed.
    • Optional: Using the item type "Additional Material for Reviewer Reference," upload a version of the manuscript with colored text indicating the edits you have made. This must be separate from the clean version of your main manuscript file.

Other Requirements

  1. Formatting: Adhere to all formatting guidelines. Word authors should use the AMS Word template, and LaTeX authors should consult Submission Information for LaTeX Authors and use the AMS LaTeX Template.
  2. Original, Unpublished Work: When a submission is created, confirm that the manuscript is not currently submitted elsewhere and has not been published previously. Promptly inform the Chief Editor if it is submitted elsewhere before its disposition by the journal.
  3. Page Charge Estimations: Calculate an estimation of charges using the appropriate worksheet below. You must either commit to paying the estimated page charges or apply for a page charge waiver. Comments/Replies and submissions to Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems, Earth Interactions, and Weather, Climate, and Society do NOT require this form. See Page Charges, Waivers, and Fees for more information.
  4. File Upload: Upload and designate all files with correct item type definitions. After you complete all required fields and correctly upload all files, a PDF will be generated. Carefully review this PDF before approving it for peer review.
  5. Coauthor Verification: When you approve the submission,* an email is automatically sent to each coauthor; all must verify coauthorship via the link received in that email. All email addresses must be current and correct. The list of coauthors entered in Editorial Manager must match the list of coauthors on the manuscript title page.

>After meeting the AMS submission and formatting requirements, manuscripts are sent to the Chief Editor’s office. While not always possible, resubmissions are typically assigned to the previous handling editor to begin the peer review process

* The official date of submission is the date that the author approves the submission (in an acceptable format) and adheres to all applicable waiver agreement requirements. If an author-approved submission is returned for modifications, the author must reapprove the submission. This later approval date will be the official date of submission. Editorial Manager records dates using the Eastern (U.S.) time zone, not the date of the author’s time zone.