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Commercial-Aircraft-Based Observations for NWP: Global Coverage, Data Impacts, and COVID-19

A JAMC paper summarizes the recent state of aircraft observation coverage over the globe and provides an updated quantification of its impacts on short-range NWP, including the impacts of flight reductions as a result of COVID-19.

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Significance Statements
Significance Statements

Significance statements are optional statements written in plain language that focus on why the work matters and provide additional context for why the work is relevant to science and society. Authors submitting to AMS Journals (except BAMS) now can include a Significance Statement as part of their paper. Visit our significance statements page for more information. The Significance Statement option for authors submitting to other AMS journals will be added later this year.

A Climatology of Atmospheric Rivers and Associated Precipitation
A Climatology of Atmospheric Rivers and Associated Precipitation

[INVALID] Atmospheric rivers play a major role in extreme precipitation across the continental United States. A study to objectively and consistently characterize atmospheric rivers regionally across the United States is presented in JHM.

Impact of the Climate Matters Program
Impact of the Climate Matters Program

A new study in WCAS explores the impact of Climate Matters program on Americans’ science-based understanding of climate change.

12th International Precipitation Conference (IPC12)
12th International Precipitation Conference (IPC12)

A special collection of papers based on advances presented at the 12th International Precipitation Conference (IPC12).