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AMS's peer-reviewed Glossary of Meteorology is the authoritative source for definitions of meteorological terms.

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Editors and Staff Contacts

Chief Editor

Ward Seguin

Assistant Chief Editor

Kristie Franz, STAC Commissioner

Editorial Support

Gwendolyn Whittaker, Director of Publications
Hollis Baguskas, Managing Production Editor
Jessica LaPointe, Managing Production Editor

Updating the Glossary

The Publications Commission and the Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC) jointly developed a mechanism for updating the Glossary of Meteorology through the 36 STAC Boards/Committees (and/or other experts), which represent the expertise necessary to vet proposed changes and create new terms. This process is managed by the Glossary Chief Editor (appointed by the Publications Commission and approved by AMS Council for a 3-year term) and the Assistant Chief Editor (the STAC Commissioner). AMS Publications staff provide administrative, editing, and technical support.

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