Ethical Guidelines and AMS Policies

Ethical Guidelines

Author Disclosure and Obligations

Ethical standards for authors of AMS publications.

Submission of Material Previously Submitted to Discussion-Type Journals

Guidance on handling submissions of articles found in discussion-type journals.

Obligations of Editors and Reviewers in the AMS Scientific Publication Process

Ethical standards for editors and reviewers of AMS publications.

Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism

Standards and clarification of plagiarism and self-plagiarism. (Addendum to the AMS Author Disclosure and Obligations.)

AMS Policies

Full, Open, and Timely Access to Data

AMS policy on full, open, and timely access to data.

Data Archiving and Citation

AMS expectations for archiving and citing data/datasets.

Open Access for AMS Journals and BAMS

Policy on open access to AMS journal articles.

AMS Licenses for Journal Article Reuse

Licenses regarding reuse of AMS journal content.

AMS Copyright Policy

AMS full copyright notice, related permissions, and details about copyright transfer.