K-12 Teachers

K-12 Teachers

Enhance your knowledge of Earth system science and earn graduate credit through AMS Education’s teacher professional development programs. Over 22,000 teachers have boosted their STEM curriculum and impacted millions of students across the nation through these initiatives!

Summer Workshops

On-site professional development workshops all-expenses-paid and are offered each summer for a hands-on learning experience in Earth science. One workshop is a two-week on-site experience; another one is a full week on-site with online components.

Project Atmosphere

Join fellow science teachers from across the country in Kansas City, Missouri, at NOAA’s National Weather Service Training Center (NWSTC) and learn from experts in meteorology and the atmospheric sciences, while gaining valuable field experience. Travel, lodging, meals and all materials are provided for the one-week, on-site portion. Participants are required to complete online course components prior to the on-site portion using a course management system.

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Maury Project

Explore the physical foundations of oceanography at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and gain hands-on experience in oceanographic research through a daylong excursion on the Chesapeake Bay. Travel, lodging, meals and all materials are provided.

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DataStreme Program

Learn weather, ocean, or climate fundamentals through online courses emphasizing the study of Earth system science as it happens and discover ways to instill the excitement of real-world information across your science curriculum.

  • Each course is 13-weeks long and offered twice a year
  • Located around the country, Mentor Teams help recruit and personally mentor participants, helping to guide them through the course each semester
  • Upon completion, participants are expected to share course concepts with other teachers, administrators, students and members of their local community
  • Successful participants will earn three tuition-free graduate credits from California University of Pennsylvania

DataStreme Atmosphere

Designed to train teachers to promote the teaching of STEM concepts through weather, this course focuses on the atmospheric environment, its interaction with other components of the Earth system and the implications of those interactions on humankind.

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DataStreme Ocean

This STEM course explores the ocean in the Earth system. Participants will study the flow of water and energy into and out of the ocean and the internal properties and dynamics of the ocean system. This includes interactions between the ocean and the hydrosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, biosphere and society.

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DataStreme Earth's Climate System

This STEM course undertakes a systematic study of climate, climate variability, and climate change. Participants will come to understand spatial variations in climate as it responds to mechanisms internal and external to the Earth system.

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Educational Materials

Experience exciting, interactive learning through exclusive hands-on activities designed by the American Meteorological Society. From analyzing high and low pressure systems to visualizing the effects of El Niño and La Niña, these inquiry-based investigations allow students to observe properties of the ocean and atmosphere first hand and are reusable to reinforce concepts until subjects are mastered. 
  • All-inclusive kit with hands-on learning materials
  • Great for at home, in class, or as a lab 
  • Works across many levels of education
  • Available individually or as a classroom set
  • Contains reusable materials designed by AMS and found nowhere else!