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General Funds


AMS Unrestricted Fund

The research scientists, broadcast meteorologists, educators, policy-makers, and weather enthusiasts of AMS work daily to improve severe weather forecasts, pioneer and publish scientific breakthroughs, and promote the understanding necessary to ensure that our planet, and the people on it, can thrive. Give where it’s needed most.

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AMS Centennial Initiatives 

Five new initiatives that will improve and expand AMS functionality, extend our reach and impact, and increase service to our members. Contributions to this fund will help support the following key initiatives:

  • Career Advancement and Enhancement
  • Local Collaboration Networks
  • Member Volunteer Portal
  • Partner Organization Web
  • Historical Research Network

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Special Purpose Contribution

Contribute to a special purpose of your choice: in memory of a loved one or colleague, to a specific initiative, or to anything you believe would advance our shared mission.

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Inclusion and Belonging


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives 

AMS recognizes the need to support, engage, and collaborate with underrepresented groups within our community and that no barriers should exist to any groups based on social, cultural, racial, or identity factors. These voices should not go unheard or be excluded from the collective effort that drives scientific progress. Your contributions will support the important initiatives that bring together a community of diverse individuals and promote a strong sense of belonging.

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The Next Generation


Women in Science Scholarship

Historically underrepresented, your contribution to the Women in Science Fund will support future generations of women entering the fields of atmospheric, oceanic, and climate sciences through scholarships, fellowships, and travel grants to AMS meetings.

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Student Support Fund

The students of today are on the path to become the next generation of scientists, educators, and professionals in the public and private sectors. Your contribution will support these students at this crucial point in their journey, providing them with the opportunity to receive scholarships and fellowships, participate in AMS programs, and to travel to AMS Conferences and the Annual Meeting. Your student support gives them an invaluable experience to build on as they pursue their education.

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 Travel Grants


The Jarvis Moyers Travel Fund

In honor of Jarvis Moyers and his outstanding dedication to the sciences, a fund has been established to assist undergraduate students in the atmospheric and related sciences travel to the AMS Annual Meeting each year.

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The Matthew J. Parker Travel Fund

In honor and remembrance of AMS President Matthew J. Parker, the AMS Council and its Executive Committee have established The Matthew J. Parker Travel Fund. Matt was always eager to engage young members of the community in AMS activities so that they would have the best start possible for their career. In that spirit, your contribution will help provide travel grants to AMS meetings.

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The Marvin L. Wesely Student Travel Fund

In remembrance of Marv Wesely and his concerted efforts to assist students in attending science-related conferences, this fund has been established to help undergraduate students interested in atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric science attend AMS symposia and conferences in those areas. 

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The Bill Lapenta Travel Grant Fund

In memory of Bill’s outstanding contributions to the atmospheric sciences and his passion for supporting the next generation of leaders in the field, a fund has been established to support student participation at AMS conferences.

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K–12 Education


Teacher Professional Development Fund

Your contributions to the AMS Education Program will help sustain our highly successful teacher professional development and college-level curriculum programs, which  promote the teaching of weather, water, and climate science. All programs build greater diversity in geoscience disciplines and science teaching.

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Climate Literacy


AMS Policy Program Fund

Policy choices have the greatest chance to benefit society when grounded in the best available knowledge and understanding. The AMS Policy Program helps the broader society understand and make use of scientific advancements relating to weather, water, and climate. Through these efforts, we help the nation, and the world, avoid risks and realize opportunities related to the Earth system. 

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Public Outreach Fund

Public interest and involvement in weather, water, and climate has never been more crucial than today. AMS recognizes that the work of our community of scientists, educators, students, and professionals should not be kept in a bubble. The public outreach efforts of AMS strive to bridge the information gap between our community and the public. The AMS Weather Band is an essential part of this initiative and was created to form a crossroads between weather enthusiasts and weather experts. Your contributions to AMS Public Outreach help sustain these efforts, fostering a greater understanding of the challenges facing society, and strengthening our ability to meet them.

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Early Career Professionals


Early Career Broadcaster Fund

Broadcast meteorologists play a vital role in its success and serve to bridge the gap between AMS and the general public. That's why attending the AMS Annual Meeting is so important for their professional development. Donate to this fund and provide an early career broadcaster an opportunity to expand their scientific knowledge and understanding.

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