Revision Requirements

Attention! These requirements are for authors submitting a revised manuscript following receipt of a Major or Minor Revision decision. Authors whose work has previously been rejected or withdrawn from an AMS publication should consult Resubmission Requirements.

Author Requirements

All revisions must be uploaded to the publication’s Editorial Manager website. Select the journal from the list or click the URL in your decision letter and log in as an author. Locate your submission in the Submissions Needing Revision queue. Under Action Links, click Revise Submission. Do NOT send revisions by email.

  1. Formatting: Adhere to all specified manuscript guidelines. Authors revising a manuscript that was first submitted on or before 31 August 2021 can use the previous legacy AMS submission format when submitting their article or choose to update their manuscript following the current guidelines.
  2. Correct Item Types: In Editorial Manager, be sure to select the correct item types for each file you upload.
  3. Response to Reviewers: Upload a separate response to reviewers file with detailed responses to the reviewer comments. This file must be uploaded before you are able to build a PDF of your revision in Editorial Manager. An optional cover letter accessible by the editor ONLY may be used to provide additional information.
  4. Manuscript Source Files: Upload the LaTeX or Word source file(s) used to create your revision (preferably using the AMS LaTeX template or the AMS Word template). LaTeX users must upload all files (.tex, .bib, .bst, .sty, etc.) associated with the submission (see the AMS Submission Information for LaTeX Authors).
  5. Figure Source Files: Upload figure source files that meet the requirements for journals and BAMS. The files must be formatted for publication and included with all revisions. To avoid extra charges, graphics MUST be uploaded as one complete figure per file. Enter the figure number in the description field when uploading your figure files (or on the Attach Files page after upload) even if the figure number is in the file name.
  6. BAMS authors only: For submissions with supplemental material, papers where the first full manuscript (after an accepted proposal) was submitted on or before 31 December 2021 must submit supplemental text and figure source files at revision. Source files should be uploaded as individual “Supplemental Material” items.
  7. Publication-Ready: The manuscript submitted for peer review must be identical to what you intend to publish, including the use of black and white and color figures. If color figures in the manuscript will be published in black and white, make the change to black and white before uploading the revision. Ensure that related manuscript text and captions are correct.
  8. Required Questions: Answer the required questions on the Additional Information page in Editorial Manager. If you do not wish for your manuscript to be posted as an AMS Early Online Release (EOR), you must opt out on this page before approving your revision.
  9. Check for Errors: Review the manuscript and the built PDF for errors. The quality of your revision should be acceptable for posting as an EOR and for processing for final publication. Any post-acceptance changes will add time and expense to processing.