Articles intended as chapters in a Meteorological Monograph are generally invited. Once an invitation has been accepted, the author should submit the completed article to the Editorial Manager website. As articles are submitted they will be assigned to an expert Volume Editor (selected by the Meteorological Monograph Series Chief Editor) and sent for peer review. The review process will emulate that used for journal contributions, keeping in mind the differences in purpose and value. Accepted articles will go immediately into production for publication online.

Formatting Guidelines

Monograph article or chapter elements may include an Abstract, Introduction, Body, Appendixes, and References. Note: There should be consistency across all articles/chapters in the type and order of elements included, even if (as is often the case with a monograph) each chapter has a different author or authors. Section and subsection numbering should be consistent across all articles/chapters. The Organizer should provide guidance on this in the invitation. All manuscripts submitted must follow AMS journals style. Please refer to Formatting and Manuscript Components for AMS Journals.

If figures are taken from another source, authors must seek permissions from the copyright holder to reprint the material. Permissions must be forwarded to AMS, including the required acknowledgment, if applicable. 

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