Author Responsibilities during Production

Charge Form

When a manuscript is accepted for publication the author must submit the Publications Charge form for BAMS or Journals (NOT required for Comments, Replies, or manuscripts accepted for Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems, Earth Interactions, or Weather, Climate, and Society). Once this form has been received, the manuscript will begin production.

Copyright Forms

All authors will need to sign a copyright form. Please refer to Copyright Information for further details regarding this requirement and the available forms. The Early Online Release cannot be posted until the form signed by the corresponding author has been received. If any copyright forms were submitted before acceptance, they will be recorded and checked by AMS staff.

Note that as related material, article supplements are covered under the AMS Copyright Policy and as such the same conditions and reuse policies that apply to articles also apply to supplements.

Page Proofs

After the manuscript has been edited by copy and technical editors, the author will be assigned a task in the manuscript tracking system to review and annotate a PDF proof of the typeset article. Please see the Frequently Asked Proof Editing Questions page for commonly requested changes and points of AMS style. We request that the corrected proof be returned within 2 business days to facilitate publication as quickly as possible (note that this is strongly encouraged, not required).

Authors should be aware that this is not a last-minute opportunity to rewrite the manuscript. Authors have an obligation to correct errors made by press and an opportunity to correct minor errors that were overlooked or that may have developed since submission of the final draft of the manuscript. Alterations that go beyond these limits will require additional review by the scientific editor of the journal to ensure that the changes are acceptable for publication. Additional charges may also be assessed for excessive editing to typeset proofs.

This is the last opportunity authors will have to see their manuscript before publication, unless a large number of edits or figure remakes require a whole revised proof to be generated. Editors reserve the right to accept or reject proposed alterations and make adjustments for adherence to AMS style.

Return of the proof signifies agreement to pay all publication charges (except for cases where a waiver has been granted).