Preparing a LaTeX Manuscript for Submission

Please use the LaTeX files provided by the AMS to prepare your submission. The current version of the AMS LaTeX Template v6.1 includes the required new submission format for all authors submitting new manuscripts on or after 1 September 2021. Authors revising manuscripts first submitted on or before 31 August 2021 can choose to still use the older Legacy Manuscript and Formatting Components

The AMS does not support LaTeX-related WYSIWYG software, such as Scientific Workplace, or WYSIWYM software, such as LyX. TeX Live is recommended for users needing an up-to-date LaTeX distribution with software that includes an editor and the ability to automatically generate a PDF.

Line numbers are required. The ametsocV6.1.cls file has the \linenumbers command built in, so there is no need to add it in your .tex file. If you are using style files or templates other than ametsocV6.1.cls, please see the line number instructions.

The AMS does not support use of pstricks or psfrag. The Editorial Manager system uses pdfLaTeX to create a PDF, and pstricks and psfrag are not compatible with pdfLaTeX. If an author has already composed substantial parts of the paper using pstricks or psfrag, he/she should create a driver file to generate a standalone PDF version of any figures that use the pstricks or psfrag packages. The PDF version of the figure can then be included in the .tex file using the standard \includegraphics command.

Remove all directory paths from your .tex file. You should include only the name of your figure and reference files. For example:

Do NOT include directory paths like this:

These must be changed to remove the directory paths:

Use only .eps, .pdf, .jpg, or .png figure file types. The use of .tif files is no longer supported by pdfLaTeX.

Include the figure file extension in the figure file name. You must include the figure file extension (.eps, .pdf, .jpg, or .png) in the name of the figure file that you upload to the Editorial Manager system.

Do not include the file extension (.bst and .bib) in the file name when using the \bibliographystyle or \bibliography commands. Including the extension is incorrect syntax and may prevent your references and citations from appearing in the built PDF.

Please ensure that your completed LaTeX manuscript can build an error-free PDF using pdfLaTeX on your local machine before attempting to submit your paper.

Tips for Uploading Your Files to Editorial Manager

Include all template and source files when uploading your files to EM, including ametsocV6.1, ametsocV6.bst, and all figure files.

If you upload your LaTeX source files, do not upload a PDF of your LaTeX paper. This may prevent the EM system from building a proper PDF from your uploaded files. Though you will be required to submit source files at the revision stage, you may choose to upload your manuscript as a PDF at new submission.

Do not upload a .bbl file. Your references either should be uploaded as a .bib file or the contents of the .bbl file should be pasted into your .tex file.

All LaTeX files must have the item type “LaTeX File (.tex, .sty, .cls, .bst, .bib).”

All figure files should be designated with EM’s “Rendered Figure” item type. Authors are required to enter a unique figure number in the description field for each figure file uploaded.