Student Opportunities

Student Travel Grants

In order to facilitate greater participation of students at the annual AMS meeting the Hydrology Committee offers a need-based Travel Grant for the students who have limited resources to attend the meeting. This award does not provide full support for the student to attend the conference but is meant to help make up the difference between actual cost and travel funding already available to the student. Award amounts vary from year to year based on the application pool and the need of the student. To apply please submit an application following the guidelines given here. Please contact Francina Dominguez at with any additional questions.


Student Paper Competition

As part of the annual AMS meeting the Hydrology Committee sponsors a student paper competition to recognize the exceptional work of the students related to hydrologic sciences. Multiple judges will evaluate each student paper and the top two oral and poster presentations will be recognized and awarded a cash prize. Students enter the competition by indicating their intent to participate during the abstract submission process. We encourage all students both at the undergraduate and graduate level to enter. Further questions regarding the competition can be directed to Francina Dominguez at

Previous winners of the Student Paper Competition


Oral 1st and 2nd

Poster 1st and 2nd


Jordan Christian (University of Wyoming)

Melissa Wrzesien (Ohio State University)

Ruochen Sun (Nanjing University)

Eli J. Dennis (Pennsylvania State University)


Karl Lapo (University of Washington)

Sebastian Los (Utah State University)

Mary Forrester (Colorado School of Mines)

William Hahn (University of Wisconsin)


Jessica Keune (Univ. of Bonn, Germany)

Christopher Zarzar (Mississippi State University)

Klint Skelly (Plymouth State University)

Melissa Wrzesien (Ohio State University )


Rebekah Esmaili (Univ. of Maryland)

Andrea Thorstensen (UC Irvine)

Mallory Morton (Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Brianne Smith (Princeton Univ.)


Alys Thomas (UC Irvine)

Daniel J. McEvoy (DRI)

John D. Hottenstein (Univ. Arizona)

Kathleen A. Schiro (UCLA)


Christopher F. Labosier (Texas A&M Univ.)

Alys Thomas (UC Irvine)

Jonghun Kam (Princeton Univ.)

Heather Vazquez (Florida International Univ.)