Robert E. Horton Lecturer in Hydrology

One of the responsibilities of the Hydrology Committee is to recommend nominations for the Robert E. Horton Lecturer in Hydrology for final approval by the AMS council. The Horton Lecturer is selected in recognition of eminence as a scientist for outstanding research on topics of interest to both hydrologists and meteorologists. Nominations can be submitted by anyone and are due the 1st of May each year. For more details on the Horton Lecturer and to submit a nomination please click here.

Past recipients of the Robert E. Horton Lecturer in Hydrology
Year Recipient
2022 Francina Dominguez
2021 Wade Crow
2020 Terri Hogue
2019 Justin Sheffield
2018 Gerald R. North
2017 Hoshin V. Gupta
2016 Efi Foufoula-Georgiou
2015 P.C.D. ("Chris") Milly
2014 Randal Koster
2013 W. James Shuttleworth
2012 Dara Entekhabi
2011 James A. Smith
2010 John Schaake
2008 Dennis P. Lettenmaier
2006 Soroosh Sorooshian
2004 Alan K. Betts
2001 Eric F. Wood
1997 Eugene M. Rasmusson
1995 Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe
1993 Wilfried H. Brutsaert
1991 James C. I. Dooge
1988 Peter S. Eagleson
1985 Floyd A. Huff
1983 Robert J. C. Burnash
1982 Ray K. Linsley
1980 Eugene L. Peck