STAC Leadership Contacts:

Current Commissioner:  Prof. Kristie Franz,

Past Commissioner:  Prof. Ankur Desai,

Incoming Commissioner: Prof. Clark Evans,

STAC Board Websites

STAC Committee Websites

AMS Staff Contacts:

STAC membership focal point: Beth Farley:

Digital Media Support Specialist: Peter

Speciality meeting focal point: Jennifer Ives:

AMS Community Forum Coordinator: Erik

STAC Website and Web Editors Assistance:

STAC Web Editors  (Review this information for board and committee web page editors) 

Contact Peter Killelea with questions

Member Name, Title or Email Address Changes:

Send a note to:

If your roster is missing a member for your Board or Committee:

B/C Chairs should contact your commissioner point of contact

General AMS and Community Contacts:

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AMS Community Directory

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