Uploading Your Files in Editorial Manager

All Authors

  • You can choose to submit only a PDF of your manuscript at initial submission. However, all source files will be required at the revision stage.
  • You can choose to upload a .zip or .tar.gz package of your files, which will be automatically unpacked. You then need to set the item type and enter any additional information. 
  • Definitions of available item types.

Word Authors

  • The main manuscript file should be uploaded as Manuscript (non-LaTeX).
  • If you are uploading individual figure source files and your captioned figures are already included in your manuscript file, please upload your figure source files as Non-Rendered Figures.
  • If your captioned figures are not already included in your manuscript, please upload individual figure source files containing the captions as Rendered Figures. 


  • All LaTeX files should be designated with the item type LaTeX File (.tex, .sty, .cls, .bst, .bib). When uploading LaTeX source files, do not include a PDF of your LaTeX paper.
  • Figure source files should be uploaded as Rendered Figures.
  • More information for LaTeX submissions.

Requirements to Enter Peer Review

For faster processing, make sure your submission meets the appropriate requirements: Initial Submission RequirementsRevision Requirements, or Resubmission Requirements (for previously rejected papers).

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Did you know?

You can designate the item type for a batch of files with the same file extension at one time using the Change Item Type feature. For example, designate all .eps files as Non-Rendered Figures.