AMS Licenses for Journal Article Reuse

In compliance with funder access policies, AMS makes all articles freely and publicly available one year from the date of final publication. Papers accepted for publication in AMS journals can be made open access (OA) immediately upon publication in several different ways:

  • When authors choose the Open Choice payment option when submitting their manuscript to make their work OA immediately after publication and their funders do not require a Creative Commons CC BY reuse license;
  • When a manuscript’s funder requires the authors to publish the work as OA with a CC BY reuse license, in which case authors must choose the Open Choice payment option when submitting their manuscript; or
  • When the corresponding author is from an institution that has signed an active Read-and-Publish agreement with AMS, in which case the work is automatically made open access with a CC BY 4.0 reuse license immediately upon publication.

Information about the CC BY 4.0 license can be found on the Creative Commons website. Any subsequent reuse or distribution of content licensed under CC BY 4.0 must maintain attribution to the author(s) and the published article's title, journal citation, and DOI, as well as indicate any changes made to the content.

The linked pages below summarize the individual licenses that apply to AMS journal content for the purposes of reuse. AMS journal articles are published under a variety of licenses, and specific publication rights have been granted to AMS by the authors of the published articles according to the AMS Copyright Policy.

  1. AMS Default Reuse License for non-Open Access
  2. AMS Default Reuse License with Open Access
  3. CC BY Reuse License with Open Access
  4. CC BY Reuse License for those from Read-and-Publish Institutions