Certified AMS Teacher Program (CAT)

The Certified AMS Teacher (CAT) Program was established by the AMS to recognize and support educators actively engaged in raising Earth science literacy. CAT specifically connects K-12 educators to AMS, which strengthens their connection to the atmospheric science community and its resources.

The CAT Program provides an incentive for continued professional growth for Earth science educators, ensuring that CATs remain up-to-date on new developments in Earth science and teaching standards. It offers K-12 educators opportunities to enroll in AMS Education Program courses to enhance their knowledge of weather, ocean, and climate science.

Eligibility Requirements

All active, in-service K-12 teachers and informal educators (i.e. museum docents, education center employees, aquarium tour guides, etc.) are eligible to apply to become Certified AMS Teachers (CATs) through the AMS if they have a degree in atmospheric or related science and/or have completed two of the AMS Education Program’s Professional Development Courses. Educators who have a degree in atmospheric or related sciences and those that have completed two of the AMS Education Program’s courses more than five years ago must also upload a lesson plan with their application.

The AMS Board on Pre-College Education is responsible for evaluating applications and making recommendations to the Education and Human Resources Commissioner for review and final decision about certification.

The AMS CAT designation certifies that an educator can competently and accurately communicate the valuable knowledge of atmospheric and related science to students. One of the purposes of the CAT program is to provide an incentive for continued professional growth and competency. Professional development is a requirement to maintain CAT certification.

For more details on the application process, please read the full procedures. Guidelines on the appeals process may be found here.

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Application and Renewal Fees



AMS Members
Non-Members Who Have Taken AMS Education Program Courses Non-Members Who Have Not Taken AMS Education Program Courses*
Application  $0    $55**     $150**
Reapplication  $0  $20   $50  
Annual Renewal  $0  $100 $100
* Non-members who have not taken AMS Education Program courses must have a degree in Earth or a related science in order to be eligible to apply.
** Non-member application fees include a one-year complimentary K-12 AMS membership.