Undergraduate Course Packages

Gallery of AMS Education science course textbook covers

Earth science curricula that can be taught anywhere: online, in person, or any combination of the two. 

Our introductory course packages in Weather, Ocean, and Climate are designed to be completely flexible, so whatever your institution's learning options (and no matter how they change), you'll be prepared to bring your students world-class education using real-world data, anywhere they learn.


AMS course licenses include:

  • eTextbook: Covers the fundamentals of meteorology, oceanography, or climatology
  • eInvestigations Manual: Demonstrates textbook concepts using real-world data
  • RealTime Portal: Offers weekly activities with the latest maps, images, and data for contextual learning
  • Faculty Portal: Provides a secure location for answer keys in both text and Respondus formats that integrate with course management systems and allow for automated scoring
  • Faculty Resource Materials: Includes PowerPoint presentations for each chapter, textbook image files, test bank questions and answers, and a faculty guide to offering the course, complete with learning objectives
  • Enhanced accessibility features for sight-impaired users