Special Collections

AMS special collections are collections of articles on similar topics that fall under the guidance of the individual journals. Although review papers can also be part of a special collection, it is expected that the majority of articles published as a special collection will consist of new and previously unreviewed material.

Suitable material for special collections include results from field studies, papers from meetings or conferences on specialized topics, or papers on a topic of current interest in the atmospheric, oceanic, and related sciences. Special collection papers will be submitted, reviewed, and published following the same requirements and standards as other papers submitted to AMS publications. Note that a special collection can include papers from more than one AMS journal.

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Special Collection Organizers

Organizers wishing to propose a special collection should fill out and submit the form below. The relevant chief editors and the publications commissioner will consider the application for approval.

The organizers of a special collection are encouraged to recruit submissions, suggest reviewers, and recommend whether unsolicited papers are suitable for the collection. Collection organizers do not act as peer review editors. The peer review process for each paper will be handled by a regular journal editor, assigned by the journal's chief editor.

Publication of Special Collection Papers

Once accepted for publication, special collection papers are made available online in the same way as standard journal articles. Special collection papers appear alongside the other papers in the journal, with a graphic logo on their title page that identifies them as part of a particular special collection. All papers in a special collection are linked to that collection's web page.

Print Option for Special Collection Papers

When all papers within a collection have been published, there can be an option to print a hard-copy version of all of the papers in a bound volume. AMS staff can work with collection organizers to determine an estimated cost for hard-copy print volumes.

For more information contact: SpecialCollections@ametsoc.org

Propose a Special Collection

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Provide one or two paragraphs outlining the scope of the collection. Type or copy/paste.

Please explain how the collection would serve the journal readership and research community. Type or copy/paste.

Note: AMS does not require deadlines for special collection submissions. However, organizers have found that providing authors with deadlines helps encourage timely submisssions.

Note: A minimum of 10 accepted submissions is generally required for a special collection to be approved for final publication. Chief Editors do have the discretion to approve smaller collections on a case-by-case basis.

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