Page Charge Reduction Information


In September 2019 AMS Publications reduced page charges for the Society’s technical journals by $25 per page, to $120 per typeset page. This includes submissions to Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology (JAMC), Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology (JTECH), Journal of Climate (JCLI), Journal of Hydrometeorology (JHM), Journal of Physical Oceanography (JPO), Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences (JAS), Monthly Weather Review (MWR), and Weather and Forecasting (WAF). The reduced page charges apply to papers submitted on or after 1 September 2019.

All the above AMS technical journals continue to offer authors of fully paid papers the AMS Open Choice fee option for Open Access: authors can choose to have the full contents of their Early Online Release and/or final published paper made immediately available to all, subscribers and nonsubscribers, on the AMS Journals Online site once the Open Choice fee payment has been processed. Starting with papers submitted on 1 September 2019, the Open Choice fee will be $1100. 

EARTH INTERACTIONS (EI): There will continue to be no page charges for submissions to Earth Interactions (a fully open access journal), but an author fee of $1200 applies for any paper accepted for publication.

WEATHER, CLIMATE, AND SOCIETY (WCAS): There will continue to be no page charges for submissions to WCAS. WCAS authors can choose the Open Choice open access option for a fee of $800. 

Journal Charge Structure

  Papers submitted on or after 1 Sep 2019 Papers submitted on or before 31 Aug 2019
  Page Charges Open Choice (optional) Page Charges Open Choice (optional)
JAMCJASJCLIJHMJPO, JTECH, MWR, WAF $120 per typeset page $1100 $145 per typeset page $800
WCAS None $800 None $800
Earth Interactions Flat author fee: $1200 Included Flat author fee: $1200 Included
Comment and Reply correspondence
(all journals)
None None
BAMS See BAMS page charges
Monographs See Monographs charges