Meteorological Monographs Publication Fees

All monograph content will be open access. A flat per-chapter fee will apply to each accepted chapter in a monograph, unless special funding arrangements have been made by the organizers. There is no additional fee for color figures as long as each is submitted as one complete figure per file.

AMS will enter into each agreement to publish a monograph with the expectation that fees for all accepted chapters will be honored. In some cases, the organizers may have funding to cover part or all of the charges; organizers should make such arrangements clear to authors at the time they are invited to submit.

Hard copies of completed monographs will be available via print-on-demand for an additional fee. Organizers can request estimates for print-on-demand from AMS staff.

Upon acceptance, each chapter’s corresponding author will be asked to fill out and return a Charge Form specifically appropriate to the monograph in which the chapter is included. This form must be returned to the AMS before the accepted chapter can begin full production. In addition to the flat per-chapter fee, additional charges may be assessed for excessive changes/edits to typeset proofs, the processing of multiple figure files for single figures, and keying in of manuscript files that cannot be converted to an editable file.