About Keywords

As of September 1, 2022 AMS is requiring new submissions, revisions being submitted, and all accepted articles reaching the page proof corrections stage to include three to six keywords. Depending on when an article was originally submitted, this change may require that authors eliminate some keywords if more than six were originally selected during submission before the limit was implemented.

Authors must choose keywords for their manuscript that are contained in a predefined taxonomy. During the manuscript submission process in Editorial Manager, this taxonomy is presented to the submitting author labeled as “classifications” to be applied to the manuscript. Authors must choose at least three classifications but no more than six. The classifications are then presented as the article keywords when the page proofs are generated after acceptance and will appear in the final published article. Keywords should not be inserted in the manuscript file itself and will be ignored if they are included.

Any change requests submitted with the corrected typeset proof for articles in production must use the same taxonomy and follow the specified requirements.

Suggestions for new keywords can be sent to [email protected] for consideration to be added when the taxonomy is periodically reviewed and updated.