Open Access for AMS Journals and BAMS

Thinking of choosing Open Choice? Changes are coming to the charge structure for papers submitted on or after 1 September 2019.

Open Access Option for AMS Journal Authors

Open Choice is available for a flat fee of $800 for authors who have paid page charges in full and $1,200 for authors who have received a page charge waiver. This open access option allows authors to have the full contents of their Early Online Release and/or final published paper made immediately available to all, subscribers and nonsubscribers, on the AMS Journals Online site once the payment has been processed.

Access to the full text of Early Online Releases (EORs) and published articles will be restricted to subscribers for one year from the final publication date (though Earth Interactions as well as all Open Choice content will remain fully available immediately upon publication). As always, abstracts for published manuscripts and EORs will be available to nonsubscribers and subscribers alike.

Journal authors can request Open Choice when submitting a manuscript. If an article has already been accepted, the selection of Open Choice should be indicated when completing the Page Charge Form. The fee will be included when the paper is invoiced.

Some funders require that publications resulting from research they funded carry the open access CC BY reuse license. Please see the AMS Licenses for Journal Article Reuse for more information.

Open Access for BAMS

All peer-reviewed articles and online meeting summaries accepted for BAMS, and their corresponding EORs, are freely accessible through AMS Journals Online. The print version of BAMS includes news and professional information in addition to peer-reviewed content. The BAMS digital edition replicates the print version of BAMS, and is a benefit available only to individual members of AMS.