Manuscript Status Descriptions

Corresponding Authors are encouraged to access the status of their manuscripts at any time by logging into Editorial Manager as an Author and locating the submission in one of the queues on the Author Main Menu.  Submissions that have not yet received a final decision will be accessible in different queues on the Main Menu screen depending on the manuscript status.  Submissions that have received a decision will be accessible in the Submissions with a Decision queue.
Below is a list of what the different status descriptions indicate both before and after acceptance.  Entries with a * require author action.

Submission & Peer Review Status Terms

New submission or revision is being edited by the author

Building PDF
Editorial Manager is building a PDF from the files uploaded by the author.

*Needs Approval
PDF of the submission has been built and requires author approval.

Manuscript Submitted
Submission has been approved by the author and is awaiting a formatting check by AMS staff.

*Sent Back to Author
Submission does not pass a formatting check and requires author corrections.

With Editor
An editor has been assigned to the manuscript.

Under Review
The assigned editor has initiated the Peer Review process.

Required Reviews Completed
All necessary reviews have been received by the editorial office (the editor may seek additional reviews in some cases).

Decision in Process
The editor has begun to enter the decision into the system, but the author has not yet been notified.

The editor has requested changes and submission is with the author for revision.

*Revision Needs Approval
PDF of the revision has been built and requires author approval.

Revised Manuscript Submitted
Revision has been approved by the author and is awaiting a formatting check by AMS staff.

Author Declines to Revise
Author has clicked on an action link indicating he/she does not wish to submit a revised version of the manuscript.

Completed Reject
A final decision of rejection has been made by the editor.

Completed Withdrawn
A final decision of withdrawal has been made by the author or the editor.

Completed Accept
A final decision of acceptance has been made by the editor.

Submission Transferred
The editor has transferred the submission to another AMS journal.


Production Status Terms

Ready for PPQ
AMS HQ has been notified of Acceptance; manuscript is in queue to be checked for completeness (“preproduction qualification”).  

Manuscript is in process of completeness check (ensuring receipt of all appropriate files, completed copyright and page charge forms, etc.) and is in a queue to be sent for Early Online Release (EOR) posting. 

*Author Figures Missing, Author Information Missing, Author Page Charge Form Missing, Author Verification Missing, Copyright Missing 
The Corresponding Author has been sent an email notification describing the required author action required and the details of any missing elements.  The manuscript cannot proceed through production until the missing elements have been resolved.

Ready for Tooling 
PPQ complete and pdf sent for EOR posting; manuscript source file ready to be transferred to press for tooling (pre-copyediting). 

At DJS for Tooling
Tooling task in progress at press (element tagging, rote copyedit tasks, figure processing, etc.). 

Manuscript Ready for Copyedit 
Pre-edit tooling complete; manuscript now in queue for copyediting. 

Manuscript Assigned to Copyeditor 
Copyedit in progress. 

Manuscript Ready for Technical Edit 
Copyedit complete; manuscript now in queue for technical editing. 

Manuscript Assigned to Technical Editor 
Technical edit in progress. 

At DJS for Author Proof Generation 
Typesetting of edited file in progress at press. 

*First Proof Assigned to Author for Corrections 
Typesetting complete; email notification sent to author to download file for review. 

First Proof Ready for Copyediting
Author has returned corrected proof; proof is in queue for copyediting.

First Proof Assigned to Copyeditor 
Copyedit of proof in progress. 

First Proof Ready for Technical Editor 
Copyedit of proof complete; proof is in queue for technical editor. 

First Proof Assigned to Technical Editor 
Technical edit of proof in progress. 

At DJS for Second Proof Generation 
Implementation of proof corrections and generation of revised proof in progress. 

Author Proof Production Complete 
Manuscript ready for assignment to next available issue. 

After a manuscript is assigned to an issue Corresponding Authors can access the volume/issue information in Editorial Manager.