Committee on Climate Variability and Change

Caption: Air-temperature anomalies from JJA 2012 relative to 1981-2010 base period, via


Welcome to the homepage of the AMS Committee on Climate Variability and Change, in partnership with STAC. The committee is responsible for promoting climate research and prediction, fostering the transfer of climate knowledge, and providing expertise on climate matters.

If you are interested in our upcoming 2015 meeting, please refer to the website of the 27th Conference on Climate Variability and Change.


To learn more about the Committee on Climate Variability and Change, please explore the sidebar links, they are:

Membership: A list of current committee members, roles, and contact information.

- Terms of Reference: An outline of the responsibilities, areas of endevour, and main activities of the committee.

- News and Announcements: Announcements and highlights from news and activities from or related to the committee.

- Research and Resources: Resources and research related to climate variability and change.

- Annual Reports to STAC: Past annual reports to STAC.

- Past Meeting Minutes: Minutes from previous committee meetings.

- Calendar: Upcoming conferences and meetings, and associated resources.