Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC) Homepage

Commissioner:  Genene Fisher
Past Commissioner:  Bruce Telfeyan
Incoming Commissioner:  Ankur Desai

Welcome to the Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC) Homepage.  If you are a first time visitor, this site will introduce you to STAC’s mission, the Commissioners (past and present), STAC Boards and Committees, Student Opportunities and volunteering.  For returning visitors and STAC members, this site provides STAC News and Reports, information on STAC Membership renewals, MeetingsAwardsSociety Statements, and general STAC information.  This site will also link you to key AMS web pages that underpin and guide STAC activities.  Additionally, Board and Committee Chairs should take advantage of the STAC Board/Committee Best Practices as a means towards leading your group in the most effective manner.

The organization chart (or this simplified organization chart) shows STAC is one of six Commissions of the Society, all of which report directly to the AMS Council.  The Commissions are the principle operating bodies of the Society.  The six Boards and thirty Committees that compose STAC are staffed by more than 450 volunteers primarily from the professional and student membership of the Society.  These individuals all work to support the dissemination of knowledge in the specific subject areas covered by each Board and Committee.  (You can view a complete list of all the AMS Boards and Committees at this link.)  The primary means of accomplishing this is through the organization of specialized conferences that offer an opportunity for scientists and technologists to present their findings to, and interact with others working in their area of specialization.  Read the STAC Terms of Reference for a complete overview of STAC.

If interested in volunteering, contact the Board or Committee chair (or the STAC Commissioner) of the discipline that most closely matches your interest.  You can seek to become part of the Board or Committee, you can serve as a conference or symposium organizer or chair of a program session, or you can participate in Board and Committee outreach activities.

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Photo from STAC Annual Meeting, Jan 7, 2018, Austin, TX

Group photo from the 2018 STAC Annual Meeting


Front row: Paul Bieringer, Alex McCombs, Mohan Ramamurthy, Nazila Merati, Bruce Telfeyan, Genene Fisher, Ryan Fogt, Amy Butler, Kristie Ebi, Zhuo Wang, Dev Niyogi

Second row:  Scott Collis, Jennifer Griswold, Sara Tucker, Cecilia Miner, Kathy Sherman-Morris, Curtis Alexander, Bruce Baker, Jeffrey Mirocha, Woody Roberts, Dave Stensrud, Andrew Molthan, Liz Satterfield

Back row:  Eric Bruning, John Balbus, James Campbell, Jeff Collett, Ali Tokay, Rich Behnke, Kenneth Holmlund, John Eylander, Clark Evans, Tom Galarneau, Daniel Nietfeld, Mitch Goldberg, Phillipe Tissot