Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting


Welcome to the AMS STAC Committee on Weather Analysis and Forecasting's website! We are dedicated to representing the diverse interests of the government, academic, and private sectors concerning weather analysis and forecasting and numerical weather prediction through outreach, advocacy and conference organization. We organize the AMS's Weather Analysis and Forecasting and Numerical Weather Prediction conferences, which are typically held every year and a half. We also assist with evaluating nominations for AMS's society-level and STAC-level awards in weather analysis and forecasting, maintaining the AMS's Statement on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, reviewing new and updated terms for the AMS's Glossary of Meteorology, and more!

If you are interested in becoming involved with our committee's activities, we encourage you to review our Strategic Plan to learn more about our committee's current focus areas or to reach out to the committee chair, Stephen Bieda. We solicit nominations for new committee members each fall and are often looking for volunteers for various committee initiatives!