Terms of Reference

Probability and statistics play an important role in all observational sciences, especially in atmospheric science. Whether an atmospheric scientist is concerned with designing an experiment, evaluating an experiment, or analyzing, modeling, or forecasting climate, assessing the impact of environmental events, statistically or dynamically predicting weather, or characterizing its extremes, probability and statistics are an integral and inescapable aspect of his or her profession.

Therefore the Society should ensure that

  1. there is encouragement for support of research in the theory and application of statistical and probabilistic methods applied to atmospheric problems,
  2. its membership remains cognizant of the trends and advances in modern probabilistic and statistical methodology and concepts,
  3. the use of probabilistic and statistical methods in atmospheric science continues to meet the highest standards, and
  4. public information concerning the probabilistic and statistical interpretation of atmospheric data and predictions is accurate and sufficient. The Committee on Probability and Statistics shall assist the Society in pursuing these objectives by encouraging the interchange of ideas through symposia, conferences, and publications; by interacting with other subject matter committees and encouraging joint conferences and symposia; by responding to requests for advice or consultation by the Council, commissions, boards, or other committees of the Society; or by making recommendations to the Scientific and Technological Activities Commission on its own initiative for other actions that the Society should take in pursuit of these goals. In addition, the committee is responsible to nominate deserving individuals for AMS Awards and Fellows.