Terms of Reference

The mission of this committee is to serve the Society by helping to ensure that advances in meteorology and related technology are applied to the research and development and operational activities of the aviation, range, and aerospace communities. These activities include general, commercial, and military aviation; missile testing; launch and recovery of space vehicles; experimental aircraft; and hot air balloons.

The committee believes that a significant opportunity exists to further improve the accuracy, timeliness, and utility of today’s warning and forecast products for operational decision makers. This opportunity is afforded by the many observations made by new operational sensors and by advances in data assimilation, data processing, and understanding of meteorological processes.

Tasks that the committee undertakes to accomplish its mission include the following:

  1. maintaining awareness of advances and important issues in meteorology and technology that apply to aviation, range, and aerospace activities;
  2. facilitating the dissemination and application of these advances to benefit the aviation, range, and aerospace communities;
  3. preparing (as appropriate) policy statements or statements of concern for publication by the AMS;
  4. understanding the needs of the users of meteorological information and helping to ensure that those needs are met;
  5. facilitating interaction between the meteorological community and the aviation, range, and aerospace communities by sponsoring conferences, workshops, and educational short courses;
  6. promoting the publication of relevant research results and technological advances in scientific and engineering journals;
  7. promoting the publishing of relevant informative articles in the popular literature; and
  8. fostering interdisciplinary interaction by coordinating with other AMS and external committees.

In order to represent a broad spectrum of the meteorological community, committee members are selected from educational institutions, the government, the military, and private industry.