Student Awards

2012: Joint AMS 10th Symposium on the Urban Environment and IAUC 8th International Conference on Urban Climate, August, Dublin, IRELAND. 

  • Patrick Wagner, University Of Duisburg, Applied Climatology and Landscape Ecology, ESSEN, GERMANY. 

  • Eric Scott Krayenhoff, Urban Climatology and Micrometeorology, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CANADA.

  • Jonas Allegrini, EMPA, Überlandstrasse 129, Dübendorf, SWITZERLAND

  • Yuan Chao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, School Of Architecture, Hong Kong, CHINA.

  • Kevin L. Lau, School Of Architecture, The Chinese University Of Hong Kong, SHATIN, Hong Kong, CHINA. 

  • Jamie R. Young, Tel Aviv University & Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, SRAEL.

  • Cecile deMunck, Meteo France, CNRS, Toulouse, FRANCE

2014: AMS 11th Symposium on the Urban Environment, February, Atlanta, United States.


  • Paul Schmid, Modeling the Influences of Local Urban Aerosols on a Derecho in Birmingham, AL. Purdue University, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, West Lafayette, United States.

  • Negin Nazarian, CFD Simulation of Urban Environment: Thermal Effects of Geometrical Characteristics and Surface Materials. University of California-San Diego, Mechanical Engineering, San Diego, United States.

  • Eric Scott Krayenhoff, Parameterization of drag and turbulence for urban neighbourhoods with trees. Urban Climatology and Micrometeorology, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, CANADA.

  • Matthew Overby, Simulating Radiative Transport for Vegetation in Complex Urban Environments with Green Infrastructure. University of Minnesota, Computer Science, Minneapolis, United States.


  • Gantuya Ganbat, An idealized numerical study of the interactions of urban breeze circulation with mountain slope winds. Seoul National University, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul, South Korea.

  • Daniel C. Alexander, Development and Testing of a Spatially Resolved Urban Land Surface Model Utilizing Parallel Computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). University of Utah, Mechanical Engineering, Salt Lake City, United States.

  • Estatio Gutierrez, Improvements to the latent heat calculations in WRF multilayer urban parameterization. City College of New York, Mechanical Engineering, New York, United States.