Board on Environment and Health

  • Health, Weather, Climate, Environment

The AMS' Board on Environment and Health advances the understanding of Earth's environmental influences on human health. We view these interactions through the spatial and temporal domains of our science. Our vision is a world where connections between the physical and biological macrocosms are accurately identified, and where decision-makers (including the general public) apply such knowledge to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to better human, animal and ecosystem health.

To achieve these outcomes, we work on research, application, education/training, and communication activities to foster new understanding and improve societal well-being. As the intersections between the physical and biological sciences are expansive, so too is the Board's reach. Our areas of interests span throughout the weather and climate enterprise (WCE) - sharing subject interests with many American Meteorological Society's (AMS) Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC) Boards and Committees.