How to Apply for a DataStreme Course

If you are interested in participating in a DataStreme course, you will need to complete the DataStreme Enrollment Process. In general, the primary steps in the DataStreme Enrollment Process are as follows:

  1. Be connected to a Mentor Team
  2. Create an AMS user account
  3. Complete the AMS DataStreme registration process
    • Fill out the registration form
    • Pay course fee
  4. Complete the PennWest student account process

Successful completion of each step is mandatory in order to participate. The deadlines and instructions to complete each step (excluding Step 1) will be shared with paired participants when enrollment opens.

Step 1 (Be connected to a Mentor Team) can be completed at any time. To do so, please visit our “Connect with a DataStreme Mentor Team” page for more details.

After you complete Step 1, the remaining steps can only be started once the upcoming semester’s enrollment period opens. If the enrollment period is not open, we recommend that you remain in contact with your DataStreme Mentor Team so that you will be prepared once it begins.