Local Chapter Affairs Committee

What We Do

The focus of the Local Chapter Affairs Committee (LCAC) is to promote and foster AMS Local Chapters. Our Committee is comprised of the diversity that is the American Meteorological Society, and we seek ways to inspire and empower members and leaders of the AMS Local Chapters so they may connect and engage their communities.

Duties Include:

  • Supporting Local Chapters
  • Serving as liaisons for local chapters to national AMS
  • Reviewing and voting on Chapter of the Year nominations
  • Hosting the Poster Competition and Local Chapter Breakfast and Town Hall at Annual AMS Meeting
  • Maintaining and planning activities and discussions on the AMS Local Chapter Facebook page
  • Holding three meetings throughout the year and a fourth during the Annual AMS Meeting
  • Discussing updates from local chapters and/or National AMS. 
  • Promoting local chapter postings in the Local Chapter Affairs newsletter and Chapters in Action section of BAMS
  • Sharing resources with local chapters
  • Ensuring all local chapters are active

Interested in joining the LCAC? Contact a current member of the LCAC or email [email protected]. You can also read more about joining AMS committees


Current LCAC Members

Current Local Chapter Affairs Committee Contact Information

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Tyler Stanfield – Chair (2024)

Tyler is a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service, where he has helped provide forecast, warning, and decision support services as well as led the GIS Program at the New Orleans/Baton Rouge office since 2022. As an undergraduate meteorology student at the University of Oklahoma, Tyler was heavily involved with the student chapter (OU SCAN) which he led in his final year to chapter of the year awards in both AMS and NWA in 2019-20. He then completed his M.S. in Geography at Virginia Tech while also becoming a member of the LCAC to further pursue involvement in local chapter affairs at a higher level. As a committee member, he has made it a goal to cultivate new avenues for chapters to connect with their community and other chapters while also improving the infrastructure that helps serve these chapters and connects them to resources the national AMS can provide.



Brennan Dettman – Member (Term 2022-2025)

Brennan currently serves as a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. He recently obtained his M.S. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Colorado Boulder where his research focused on remote sensing, tropical convection (MJO), and forecasting applications. He received his B.S. in Meteorology from Valparaiso University in 2021, serving as the Social Chair, Vice President, and President of the Northwest Indiana Student Chapter of the AMS/NWA throughout his time there. As Brennan heads into his third and final year on the LCAC, he is excited to take what he has learned during his time on the committee and leave behind a great foundation within the LCAC for years to come.


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Lauren Pounds – Member (Term 2021-2024)

Lauren is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology and the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) pursuing a M.S. in Meteorology. Her Master’s research focuses on the formation of severe hail. She graduated from Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Geosciences in 2019. During her time at MSU she served as Secretary and then President of the East Mississippi Chapter of the AMS and NWA. While at OU she served as the Graduate Representative for the OU Student Chapter of the AMS  and NWA (OU SCAN). Local chapter involvement has positively influenced Lauren’s career and she is excited to encourage more involvement in local chapters across the country.



Shaina Wilburn – Member (Term 2022-2026)

Shaina Wilburn is a current Ph.D. Candidate at Mississippi State University (MSU) whose doctoral research focuses on the montane climatology of the Appalachian Mountains and its effects on local ecosystems. She received her B.S. in Geoscience/Professional Meteorology from MSU in 2018 and her M.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) in 2021, where she studied lightning dynamics. As a committee member, Shaina hopes to facilitate the camaraderie of student chapters and provide students with as much information as possible so they may thrive in their scientific endeavors.

Research Expertise and Interests: Mountain climatology, data analysis with Python & R, passionate about bridging the gap between various genres and studies of science, creating a holistic understanding of our planet



Nicholas Albers – Member (Term 2023-2026)

Nicholas is a current junior undergraduate student in the department of Earth, Atmospheric and Geographic Information Sciences at Western Illinois University. He received a certificate in Weather Hazards and Preparedness from the College of Dupage in 2022 and will graduate from WIU in 2024 with his B.S. in Meteorology & Emergency Management. As the current Secretary and Media Chair of the Western Illinois Chapter of AMS, he has come to realize the importance of a successful chapter. During his time as a member of LCAC, he hopes to make a positive impact on other local chapters like he has done at WIU. He is excited to be able to connect with and support them through their pursuits in education, service and involvement with the national AMS.



Bobby Saba – Member (Term 2023-2026)

Bobby is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Oklahoma. He is pursuing an M.S. in Meteorology with a research focus on supercell inflow. In May 2022, Bobby graduated with a B.S. in Atmospheric Science from Northern Vermont University - Lyndon. During his time at Lyndon, he served on their AMS chapters executive board for three years. This includes chapter president during his junior and senior years. As a member of the AMS Student Conference Planning Committee and the Severe Local Storms STAC, Bobby is no stranger to the AMS community. Yet he is extremely eager to share and spread his passion for local chapters as a member of the LCAC.



Jeremy Goldstein – Member (Term 2023-2026)

Jeremy Goldstein earned his Bachelors in Atmospheric Science from George Mason University where he founded their first AMS chapter and served as their president for two years. Upon graduating from GMU, Jeremy attended Ball State university where he earned his masters and focused on NE snowfall. Jeremy is now an early career professional supporting the JPSS satellite program. Outside of Meteorology, Jeremy enjoys sports (especially Nationals baseball) and is an active swimmer.


The Local Chapter Affairs Committee welcomes questions, comments, and suggestions about AMS local chapters.  Contact us at [email protected].