Local Chapter Administration

By starting a local chapter of the AMS, you have become part of a vibrant, thriving, community of over 130 chapters. Each one of these chapters serves a unique purpose in connecting the messages and mission of the national AMS with local context and concerns. 

Local chapters of the Society are autonomous organizations that create opportunities for communicating science and serving society among a wide variety of audiences, geographies, and contexts. Local chapters provide a bridge for reaching the community to serve the goals of National AMS while offering a practical way to interact with others in the profession.

Officer Requirements

Because AMS Local Chapters are autonomous organizations, the National Society places no demands or restrictions on chapter programming and administrative requirements are light. There are only a few personnel requirements for chapters:

  • In regular and student chapters, the local chapter president must be a member of AMS. Pre-college chapters do not have this requirement.
  • Student chapters must a faculty advisor that is an AMS member. Pre-college chapters must have an adult adviser that is already or willing to become an AMS member.

These requirements are so that local chapters will continue to receive regular updates from the National Society and contact information will remain up to date. Information on AMS membership is available here

Reporting Requirements

In order to keep your chapter in good standing, National AMS requires the following documentation:

  • Chapter Petition (submitted once to the council to open the Chapter)
  • Chapter Constitution (submitted in 1st year)
  • Annual Election Results (must be submitted yearly by June 1 through updates to the Chapter Directory)
  • Notice of Termination (only submitted if ending the chapter, this states the reasons for chapter termination)

In addition to the required documents, the National Society values updates and news about chapter activities and events. Consider showcasing your chapter in the following ways:

  • News and updates on chapter activities for the Local Chapter Newsletter (submitted quarterly in January, March, July, and October) and BAMS (by the 15th of each month)
  • Chapter of the Year Nominations (submitted annually by May 1)
  • Poster Competition submissions (submitted annually, due date varies but is usually in October)

Establishing Your Chapter

Local chapters require member recruitment, fundraising, event planning, etc. so it's best created by a team. For more support on how to create activities and sustain your chapter, take a look at activity suggestions from other local chapters. 

The following topics are also important chapter considerations. More information on each of these items can be found by downloading the Officer's Handbook


Use of the official AMS seal and logo are reserved for the use of the National Society. But a logo has been created specifically for local chapters to use. It can be downloaded from this page. If you need a high resolution version, contact Beth Farley


As local chapters are separate, individual entities, the nonprofit status of the National Society does not extend to them. For more information on that and ideas from other local chapters, visit the fundraising page


The National Society is pleased to offer local chapters a 20% discount on merchandise items from the bookstore (this does not apply to publications). For more information, download the Officer's Handbook or contact Beth Farley.


The National Society currently offers disk space for those local chapters that want to build a website. Coding help is not currently available, but staff is actively seeking ways to offer more support to local chapters. 

Officer's Handbook

For a quick reference guide to all the requirements, key contact and branding information that you need to build and maintain an AMS Local Chapter, download the PDF of the Local Chapter Officer's Handbook. 

Monthly Planning Guide

Download this monthly planning guide to help map out chapter activities and plan your year. The deadlines for meeting reporting requirements are also included in the schedule.