AMS Position Letters

From time to time, AMS signs letters of support with other organizations in an effort to reach policy and thought leaders on critically important topics across the greater scientific community.

12 August 2020
Multi-organization letter expressing continued concerns on possible FCC action on spectrum
5 August 2020
Letter to FCC on protecting passive microwave sensing portion of spectrum
8 July 2020
Multi-Society Letter Opposing SEVP Modification for Student Visas
15 June 2020
Multi-organization letters to House and Senate on spectrum usage
3 June 2020
Multi-organization letter to FCC supporting NTIA Petition for Stay on spectrum allocation
18 May 2020
Multi-society letter providing comments on the EPA proposed rule: "Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science"
18 May 2020
Multi-organization letter providing comments on the EPA proposed rule: "Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science"
6 May 2020
Multi-organization statement expressing concerns on spectrum usage
6 May 2020
Input to OSTP on public access to peer-reviewed scholarly publications, data and code resulting from federally funded research
16 April 2020
Joint Letter to FCC expressing concerns on sharing GOES spectrum
12 September 2019
Joint AMS and NWA Community Message
4 September 2019
Multi-society letter on international researcher participation in the U.S. scientific enterprise
20 June 2019
Joint society filing to FCC on the use of the 1675-1680 MHz spectrum
9 April 2019
Multi-society Letter to Congress on Federal Research Investments
11 February 2019
Joint letter on harm to American science by the partial government shutdown
30 January 2019
Joint Scientific Society Letter Responding to the Proposed Title IX Regulations
16 October 2018
Letter to President Trump on Climate Change
27 September 2018
Multi-organization ex parte submission to FCC on use of spectrum
4 September 2018
Joint letter on Administration's space policy and radio frequency spectrum
16 August 2018
Joint society letter on EPA proposed science transparency rule
18 July 2018
Joint letter to FCC on satellite spectrum
22 June 2018
FCC filing by AMS to supplement 31 May 2018 filing
31 May 2018
FCC filing by AMS, AGU, and NWA on NOAAPort spectrum
24 May 2018
Multi-society letter on proposed visa processing changes
14 May 2018
Letter to EPA Administrator Pruitt on Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science