Input from the AMS Community on Geoscience Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Scientific discovery and innovation are central to the advancement of humanity. This is even
more true now as the scale of human activities has grown to be large relative to the planet and
the life-support services the Earth system provides.

AMS is initiating an NSF-funded project to solicit and synthesize input from the AMS community on
opportunities and challenges in innovation and entrepreneurship within the community. The
project is in response to new initiatives within NSF supporting more work in the innovation and
entrepreneurial space. NSF already has funding opportunities in this area but suggests that
relatively few applicants are geoscientists.  We are hoping to determine why more in the
atmospheric and related sciences communities are not pursuing these types of opportunities
and leading innovation that can lead to commercialization since there so much money out
there from venture capital, federal agencies, and other sources that would support it. We are
particularly focused on developing new ideas from the AMS community on fostering a thriving
geosciences innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem focused on delivering results to society
and the economy.

We welcome community input on any activity that falls within the AMS community, including,
but not limited to, weather and/or climate services to the public and businesses, geohealth,
energy, transportation, agriculture, space weather, ocean and/or hydrology services, and the
new blue economy. The AMS community includes professionals working in all of these areas
across the private (including NGO), academic, and governmental sectors who are invited to
provide input to the study.

If you would like to take part in an online small group discussion on this topic, let us know
through your input here and we will be in touch.

Please use this form to provide input on this study