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Publications Acting Co-Director
Mike Friedman

Publications Acting Co-Director
Gwendolyn Whittaker

Publications Reporting Manager
Sharon Kristovich

Publications Billing and AMS Office Manager
Caitlin Garrison

Bulletin of the AMS

Jeff Rosenfeld

Jeff Rosenfeld has been Editor-in-Chief of BAMS since 2001. Previously, he was a writer for Scientific American, the National Science Foundation, and others. Rosenfeld is the author of Eye of the Storm: Inside the World's Deadliest Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Blizzards, and has coauthored other books on weather and meteorology for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. He got his start in AMS through meetings and committees, as well as collaborations on education and outreach during his long tenure as an editor of Weatherwise magazine.

Managing Editor
Bryan Hanssen

Bryan Hanssen has worked for AMS since 1994 when he was hired as an editorial assistant in the Publications Department. He was also copy editor for the Journal of Climate and the Journal of Applied Meteorology (now Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology) before joining the BAMS staff. As managing editor Bryan oversees the day-to-day operations for BAMS and BAMS Digital Edition, which includes tracking statuses of BAMS’s many sections and managing production schedules.


Senior Editor
Christopher P. Cappella

Senior Production Editor
Denise Moy

Production Manager
Roger L. Wood

Sangjun Lee

News Editor/Media Relations
Rachel Thomas-Medwid

News Editor
Matt Gillespie

Peer Review Support Manager
Gwendolyn Whittaker

Author Submission Support
Liz Wright


Managing Editor
Sarah Jane Shangraw

Sarah Jane holds a master's degree in magazine journalism from Syracuse University and has worked for several Boston-area publishers. She joined AMS in 2005 to help establish AMS Books. She specializes in working with first-time authors, liaises with distribution partners University of Chicago Press and Springer Nature, and leads the Publications Marketing Group. In her free time she practices and teaches yoga and meditation.


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If you are looking for production or peer review staff related to a specific journal, please find the journal on Journals and Monographs and then consult that journal's “Editors and Staff Contacts” section.

Peer Review

Peer Review Support Manager/Publications Coordinator
Gwendolyn Whittaker

Gwendolyn has worked to support AMS's authors and volunteer reviewers and editors since 2004.


Peer Review Support Coordinator
Tiffany Bischoff

Senior Peer Review Support Associate
Laura Buttner

Senior Peer Review Support Associate
Andrea Herbst

Peer Review Support Associate
Hayley Charney

Peer Review Support Associate
Christine E. Ziebarth

Senior Peer Review Support Assistant
Felicia Gullotta

Peer Review Support Assistant
Erin Gumbel


Journals Production Manager
Mike Friedman

Mike Friedman has been with AMS since 2001, first as a technical editor, and then as the Journals Production Manager for the past 12 years. He supervises a production team responsible for manuscript submission and production of AMS’s 10 technical journals and the Meteorological Monograph series. Mike has served on the Board of Directors for the Council of Science Editors, and is also active with the Society for Scholarly Publishing. He has a Ph.D. in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Production Team Manager
Sheila Gafvert

Sheila joined the AMS journals production team in 2010 after her time at Beacon Press, Candlewick Press, and the Publications department of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She currently manages the team processing author submissions, works with the online manuscript tracking system, and contributes to all aspects of the production process.


Production Assistant
Betsy Byers

Production Assistant
Spencer Dimmick

Production Assistant
Danielle M. Joyce

Production Assistant
Liz Wright

Technical Editors

Managing Technical Editor
Mark E. Fernau

Mark has been a technical editor at AMS since 1999 and has been the head of the technical editing group since 2004. Prior to working at AMS, he was an air pollution meteorologist and atmospheric scientist at a private consulting firm and the Argonne National Laboratory, where he was part of the Environmental Policy Group. Mark's work, published in AMS journals and elsewhere, involved sophisticated air pollution modeling and policy analysis related to the Clean Air Act Amendments and other regulatory requirements around acidic deposition, ground-level ozone, particulates, and other pollutants.


Senior Technical Editor
Richard R. Brandt

Technical Editor
Hollis Baguskas

Senior Technical Editor
Jack K. Creilson

Copy Editors

Managing Copy Editor
Jessica LaPointe

Jessica joined AMS as a copy editor in 2007 after 3 years in scholarly, academic, and trade book publishing. She is also a member of the Council of Science Editors and serves as the copy chief for their journal, Science Editor.


Senior Copy Editor
Kristin Gilbert

Senior Copy Editor
Ramesh Pillay

Senior Copy Editor
Nicole Rietmann

Senior Copy Editor
Andrea Schein