Committee on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography

The studies of polar meteorology and oceanography involve multidisciplinary research on phenomena that impact the weather and climate of the polar regions. The polar atmosphere, snow and ice covers, polar oceans, and the atmosphere's interface with the ocean/land surface are all brought together for systematic study and analysis within polar meteorology and oceanography.

The objective of the Committee on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography is to serve as a forum for the integration and dissemination of the knowledge in the field and the potential applications to the needs of man and society. The functions of the committee shall be exercised through meetings, symposia, educational activities, and publications whose objectives are to:

  1. encourage discussions among meteorologists, climatologists, oceanographers, glaciologists, and related scientists on the problems and opportunities in polar meteorology and oceanography;
  2. stimulate polar research;
  3. enhance appreciation of the role of polar meteorology and oceanography in the advancement of scientific knowledge and interpretation regarding global-scale fluctuations of the weather and climate;
  4. encourage the enhanced availability of data for polar meteorological and oceanographic studies;
  5. provide advice, information, and policy statements to the Council of the AMS on all matters concerning polar meteorology and oceanography and its applications; and
  6. provide a communications channel between the Society and other interested professional groups.