Committee on Coastal Environment

  • Mar 8, 2013

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Mission and Goals

Increasing human involvement in coastal areas through population-related and industrial pressures has highlighted the need for understanding the natural processes in the coastal zones of the world, and society’s impacts on it. The mission of the Committee on the Coastal Environment is therefore to facilitate and promote awareness of coastal zone oceanographic and meteorological processes.

In pursuit of this mission, the Committee aims to:

  • Advise the Society concerning significant problems in understanding coastal oceanographic and meteorological processes and their impacts;
  • Promote the dissemination of information related to the science and technology of oceanographic and meteorological processes in coastal zones, including publication in relevant journals of the Society;
  • Stimulate interaction with other AMS committees and related professional societies involved in the physical science of coastal areas;
  • Stimulate improvements in the scientific aspects of water and weather warnings and forecasts for coastal areas;
  • Facilitate an effective exchange among coastal zone scientists, engineers, planners, operational oceanographers and meteorologists, and managers by planning and supporting national and international conferences, workshops, symposia, and seminars; and
  • Promote an increased awareness of the need for sponsorship of basic as well as applied oceanographic, meteorological and interdisciplinary research in coastal zones.