Archive List of Past Capitol Hill Briefings

Archive List of Past Capitol Hill Briefings

Topic: Climate Change and Infectious Disease

Speakers: George Luber and Rick Ostfeld


Topic: Climate Information Needs for Financial Decision Making

Speakers: Lawrence Buja, Jeffrey Marqusee, and Sharon Hays 


Topic: Can we take the heat: The Impact of Heat Waves on Our Nation's Power Grid and Public Health

Speakers: Craig Williamson and John Balbus


Topic: From the Root Up: Understanding the 2012 Drought

Speakers: John Nielsen-Gammon, John Boyer, and Roger Pulwarty


Topic: UP IN FLAMES: The Causes and Aftermath of the 2012 Forest Fires

Speakers: Steven Running and Elizabeth Reinhardt


Topic: Earth Observations, Science, and Services for the 21st Centruy

Speakers: Heidi Cullen, Scott Gudes, and Bryan Hannegan


Topic: Solar Storms: Disruptions to Technology & Risks to the Economy

Speakers: The Honorable Jared Polis, The Honorable Kathy Sullivan, Joan Burkepile, Captain Rocky Stone, Ron Hatch, and Elizabeth Zimmerman


Topic: The Vulnerability of U.S. Water Resources to Climate Change

Speaker: Peter Gleick


Topic: Geoengineering: The Risk Management Potential of Climate Engineering

Speakers: Ken Caldeira & David Keith


Topic: Weather, Climate, and Food

Speakers: Donald Wilhite & Michael Roberts


Topic: Nitrogen and Climate

Speakers: Jim Galloway & Gordon Bonanan


Topic: Media & Climate Change

Speakers: Tom Rosenstiel & Bud Ward


Topic: Climate Change & National Security -- Navy Implications

Speaker: Rear Admiral David Titley


Topic: Climate Change & National Security: Instability in the Developing World

Speaker: Jeffrey Mazo


Topic: NOAA's Global and National Temperatures

Speaker: Tom Karl


Topic: The Political Landscape for Climate Legislation

Speaker: Norm Ornstein


Topic: The Science of Climate Change

Speaker: Michael Oppenheimer


Topic: Public Perceptions of Climate Change

Speaker: Jon Krosnick


Topic: The Health Impacts of Climate Change

Speakers: Rita Colwell, Howard Frumkin, and Jonathan Patz


Topic: Climate Change Adaptation

Speaker: Kris Ebi


Topic: Climate Change and Water Resources

Speaker: Kathy Jacobs


Topic: Climate Change Impacts

Speaker: Mike MacCracken


Topic: State Level Adaptation Efforts

Speaker: Susanne Moser